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Now is the time to take for summer vacations. I agree that it is important to take breaks from our normal day to day activities, job searching is one that is constantly in action. Granted that many hiring managers may be on vacation over the summer and putting their hiring needs on hold. This is a great time to spend time on setting the foundation for your career transition.

What can you do over the summer?

  • Reclarify on your career goals which may need taking some career assessments and revaluating your career path.
  • Update or rewrite your resume to match current skills
  • Set up job alerts on various job boards
  • Practice your interview answers as practice gives you confidence in being well-prepared
  • Revise your LinkedIn profile to match your career direction
  • Touch base with staffing agencies

And most important NETWORKING.

Summer is a great time to make new connections at various summer events, waiting in lines, watching your children or spouses play sports and of course expanding your connections on LinkedIn.

Looking for a job is a full-time commitment and to get results you need to be spending time on it regularly. The  more time you spend on it, will get your results sooner in your career transition.  What will you put on your post- it notes to make your career happen?

Mary Whitaker is a Career Coach at RITE Careers with 16 years’ experience. She has assisted many individuals from new university or college graduates to people in their 50’s in their career transition to find their next employer that meets their career goals and personal satisfaction.   If you need assistance with choosing a career path, resumes writing, LinkedIn profiles,  job search or interview practice check out our website at