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Whether you're looking for a new job or a new hire, we have the RITE stuff!


For Job Seekers

As you enter a job search, whether you’re a university or college graduate or an individual looking for a different job with a new employer, there are strategies that will help you succeed in a shorter period of time.

When working with our Career Expert Transition Coach, she will train you in:

  • Writing cover letters to bridge your experiences to the job specifications
  • How to use LinkedIn as an effective job search tool
  • How to do company research
  • How to use successful job search strategies

Also, our coach will train you on being more prepared for interviews with your answers and increasing your interview presence.

For business Owners

Coach Mary Whitaker transfers her knowledge in the interviewing process to enable you to identify job criteria and assist you in hiring the RITE candidate. This comes in handy later, as you use the same criteria for job performance reviews. Our coach will help you understand the interview answers and be aware of red flags in the hiring process by asking the RITE questions that are written for your use as you expand your business.

RITE step. RITE help. RITE now.