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New University & New Canadian find dream engineering job.

At the end of January this year, I met Wakie who was in his final semester studying his Master of Mechanical Engineering at Waterloo University.  He wanted extra help in his career search to find a job in field. We started meeting around his school schedule as he...

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Tapping into the Hidden Job Market

Last fall, Ron Rybowski referred me a client who became our first client in our new program called “Re-Employment, Empowerment Coaching as Ches just lost his job after working for his past employer for 14 years. My new partner in this program, Beth Sutherland, an...

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Knowing your Career Goal pays off!

Last December one of my clients, Saba came to me for assistance in her job search. She told me immediately her long-term goal was to manager a pharmacy. Saba had migrated to Canada about 10 years ago and had to become re-certified in Canada and achieved her pharmacy...

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Focusing on the Right Company pays off

This month, I want to recognize a client, Roger Y. who came to Rite Careers late last fall. He focused his job search to work for one company, Toyota Canada. He liked their company culture and he was impressed with their focus on respect for people and professional...

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Updates from Rite Careers

I want to congratulate the clients who have been successful in their career transition to find a position that gives them career or academic satisfaction. The Staff at Rite Careers continues to expand our knowledge base of writing different resumes for different job...

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Holiday Greetings

December is a time to celebrate and be with friends and family. I wish everyone Happy Holidays Happy Hanukkah Seasons Greetings Joyous Noel Merry Christmas Happy New Year Wishing everyone a safe, healthy and relaxing time. Love yourself, and enjoy it with people you...

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New Career after job loss in Manufacturing

I want to introduce to you an amazing woman who has experienced a job loss after many years of employment to find suitable and enjoyable new career. Karen had worked for Kellogg’s and was quite happy working as a production assembly line worker, her world was...

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