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Updates from Rite Careers

I want to congratulate the clients who have been successful in their career transition to find a position that gives them career or academic satisfaction. The Staff at Rite Careers continues to expand our knowledge base of writing different resumes for different job...

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Holiday Greetings

December is a time to celebrate and be with friends and family. I wish everyone Happy Holidays Happy Hanukkah Seasons Greetings Joyous Noel Merry Christmas Happy New Year Wishing everyone a safe, healthy and relaxing time. Love yourself, and enjoy it with people you...

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New Career after job loss in Manufacturing

I want to introduce to you an amazing woman who has experienced a job loss after many years of employment to find suitable and enjoyable new career. Karen had worked for Kellogg’s and was quite happy working as a production assembly line worker, her world was...

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New Engineer Finds Job Designing Car Interiors of the Future

Last spring, I met Paul’s mother, Liz, at a mutual networking group and she encouraged Paul to come to see me. Paul had just graduated from a university program in engineering design and had no work experience in his field of study or know-how to look for a job as an...

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Recent Grad finds Full time position related to education

Makey Shvedov loved working on computers ever since he moved to Canada as a teenager and he knew after getting his first computer this is what he loved to do. He graduated from the Computer Systems Technician Program in the spring of 2015 and he was employed with the...

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Big Career Change After working 20+ years in Hospitality

Pat came to me after years working in the hospitality industry, and was getting frustrated with finding jobs that were only seasonal, or were low- paying jobs that did not reflect his level of experience. During the first few sessions, Pat had to understand what...

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