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I love the changing of the season spring when we see new growth and colours. Spring is a time for change.

Before I found my true passion as a Career Coach, I had 41 jobs; many were contract, seasonal or part-time jobs ranging from a Camp Counsellor, Retail Clerk, Health Care Aide, Mental Health Worker, Customer Service/Inside Sales, File Clerk, Accounts Receivable, Payroll Administrator, Employment Counsellor and finally a Career Coach (not necessary in order).

Each past job I have held, I learned the job and was trained on the responsibilities however for many different reasons: contract ended, got laid off, fired, company closed, or I choose to leave the company.

I certainly believe in career change is good. After working 5 years for a not-for profit employment agency, I knew I had done everything I could to develop my portion of the service program. | needed to find another position to expand my knowledge in employment counselling so I began to look for new job positions that offered different responsibilities and opportunities to advance my career.

Today, many people are changing jobs more than ever in labour history as individuals are taking a proactive approach in their career progression and identifying their own career goals. Everyone has different motives to work and career satisfaction.

So, when will you know it is time for a career change?

  • When you are bored with your current position
  • When you find it hard to get up every day to go to work
  • Before you get too stressed out
  • When you want different responsibilities
  • Changes in your personal life
  • Find a job to match your educational or professional development
  • You have heard of a new opportunity of interest
  • There is a change in management
  • You want to work less hours or have less driving time to work
  • You want to do something totally different

Career change is good for your emotional and mental well being as it keeps you learning, gaining experiences and discovering what you love to do. When you love your work, it becomes a joy and a gift in your life.  Embrace change in your career progression.


Mary Whitaker is a Career Coach at RITE Careers with 15 years experience. She has assisted many individuals from new university or college graduates to people in their 50’s in their career transition to find one’s career goals and career satisfaction.   If you need assistance with choosing a career path, resumes writing, job search or interview practice check out our website at