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At the end of January this year, I met Wakie who was in his final semester studying his Master of Mechanical Engineering at Waterloo University.  He wanted extra help in his career search to find a job in field. We started meeting around his school schedule as he drove to Waterloo for his program three days a week. I wrote his resume just shortly after the Career Services at the university was writing his resume, and he told me he liked mine better as it was more inclusive of his skills he can apply to engineering. Wakie was already an engineer with a master’s degree from Nigeria and he had to retake his education qualifications to find employment in Canada.

Wakie was very diligent as he practised what we talked about in our meetings what to say at career job fairs and how to do follow-up with recruiters. When exams were almost over, Wakie called me to tell me he had a phone interview. I prepared the normal questions that may be asked during a phone screening interview. When Wakie met me, he told me he had already done the pre-screening in his communications with the company as he met them at a career fair the university hosted. Immediately, I started asking Wakie questions from the job posting.

He was reluctant to answer the technical questions as he thought it would bore me. I asked Wakie some technical terms which he did not know how to answer, and I reassured him that he may have gained exposure to the technical terms during his courses and he had to be able to indicate what he learned from university that would be applicable to the company’s terminology. That night in preparation for his Skype interview the next day, Wakie looked up all the words or phrase I underlined in the job posting. The day after his interview, Wakie called to tell me the interviewer offered him a salary and wanted to meet with him personally the following week.

One week after Wakie finished his university program, he was offered a job with a company to repair, maintain and analyze all different types of turbines relating to wind, solar, industrial and nuclear power. He even negotiated a higher salary with all travel expenses as he was scheduled to attend training in Edmonton and Texas. The company was also interested in him travelling to Africa. When Wakie got his job offer the beginning of May he was asked to move to Oshawa and he asked me for a real estate agent to help him in his move.

Congratulations to Wakie for being proactive in your career search while still completing your last semester at university and your new position as a Field Mechanical Engineer with Field Core a Divisions of GE Company.