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As a new, recent or future graduate, your job search may be extremely difficult, as you may not have sufficient work experience to work in your chosen field.

Tips for writing your resume:

  1. Create a mission statement of what you can offer you new employer which will include the type of job you are seeking
  2. Put your education and any special academic recognition on the top one third on your first page.
  3. Include your co-op placement experience
  4. Talk about special projects in terms of whether you worked on them independently, was team leader or a member of the team project
  5. Summarize your thesis, the purpose of the paper and your conclusions
  6. Add your membership to university or college associations or mentoring other students
  7. incorporate your volunteer contributions back to the community or participating in any fundraisers or special events
  8. Supplement your resume with any team sports involvement in high school or at post-secondary especially if the team won any levels of championships
  9. List your work history
  10. Use readable font in Calibri, Arial, Garamond or Veranda with 10 – 12 pts

Mary Whitaker is a Career Coach at RITE Careers with 15 years experience. She has assisted many individuals from new university or college graduates to people in their 50’s in their career transition to find one’s career goals and career satisfaction.   If you need assistance with choosing a career path, resumes writing, job search or interview practice check out our website at