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For Job Seekers

During interviews, the interviewers are assessing your abilities as to how you can perform the job, will you fit into the company culture and will they like you. During our mock interview practice sessions, we give you constructive feedback on how to improve your answers and enhance your interview presence, which in turn raises your confidence.

We observe your body language; is it conflicting with your words or is it distracting? We listen to your answers; are they the best example for the question, is your answer too short or too long or is the right answer for the question or is it relevant? off track?

We provide constructive feedback during our personal one-on-one mock interview sessions based on traditional, behavioural and job specific questions. At the end of our interview coaching sessions, you will be more prepared to answer any question asked at all stages of the interview process. You will go to the interview with confidence in your abilities and be prepared with questions to ask the interviewer.

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For Business Owners

Interview Questions
Are you running out of time to prepare for your upcoming interviews or you want some new questions? We can prepare a list of Rite Questions geared to the competencies of the job posting. We will go over potential answers so you are aware of red flags and answers that correspond to your culture.

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