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Expanded Career Services

For 2016 we are expanding our services and making it easier for you to find your next new job. Below are the types of services we now offer:


Can you imagine the feeling of enjoying your job? Getting up in the morning to go to work with excitement instead of just something to do to pay the bills. Our career exploration services help you identify your career path regardless of your age. We can help take the Rite Step in your Career Direction.


Get your resume and cover letter noticed by bridging your experiences to the job posting. We will write a targeted professional resume and cover letter to illustrate how your background matches the job advertisement by using the Rite Words.


When applying to either a provincial or federal job posting it requires more in depth explanation up to 5 pages or 1000-word cover letter using the Rite Examples to demonstrate your abilities to do the job.


In our interview practice sessions, we provide constructive feedback so you know you are using sufficient details in your answers to paint a picture of how you do the job combined with an Interview Presence to be the Rite Fit for the company and be offered the job.


To apply for a Master’s or PhD program it requires a personal statement, an academic CV and possible interview for acceptance. We can help you formulate your personal statement to illustrate you are the Rite Candidate for the program as it is aligned with your career goals.


You are about to complete your college or university education and now you need a job. We provide career coaching services to help you identify how your learned outcomes can be applied to the real world so you can find the Rite Employer to apply your educational knowledge.

  • LinkedIn

LinkedIn is one of the top resources for jobs and professional networking. We assist you in designing your profile by selecting the appropriate words to be found by the recruiters who want to present you the Rite Opportunity in your career development.


For people who are looking for a career change, a new career or a promotion, we coach you in all the steps from identifying what makes you unique, get an interview to get hired or promoted. It all starts with the Rite Help to find your Rite Career

Our clients come from a variety of backgrounds looking for a change in their careers to meet their career satisfaction for entry level positions to management positions, we can provide the Rite Step, Rite Help, Rite Now to find the Rite Career for you during our personal meetings.

RITE step. RITE help. RITE now.