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Expanded Business Services

For 2016 we are expanding our services and making it easier for you to find your next new hire. Below are the types of services we now offer:

Interview Questions
Are you running out of time to prepare for your upcoming interviews or you want some new questions? We can prepare a list of Rite Questions geared to the competencies of the job posting. We will go over potential answers so you are aware of red flags and answers that correspond to your culture.

Hiring Selection
We can help you choose where to advertise your job posting and screen resumes for the interviewing process. We can offer professional space to conduct interviews with you so you can hire the Rite Candidate. We can write employment letters or employment contracts to protect your company.

Policies & Procedures
We can write, on your behalf, polices and procedures that are in compliance with WSIB and Health and Safety regulations that are geared specifically to your company and your type of industry so you can have the Rite procedures for everyone’s safety.

Internal Promotions
You have an employee who you believe has potential for leadership roles however they need help in presenting their experience and qualifications on a new resume and coaching for the interview. We can lend a professional hand in being the objective person to help Rite Now in their career development.

Job Loss Services
Companies often have to review labour costs which may lead to restructuring their labour force. We offer coaching services to your employees to recover from their job loss and support them in their journey to future Rite Employment.

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