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When addressing a job posting, Focus on what you are writing to make the reader want to look at and read your letter with good content. Below are 4 steps to include in 4 simple paragraphs.

  1. What position are you applying for? You must identify the position you are applying for in the first paragraph as well as where you saw the advertisement. This is a great time to express your interest and enthusiasm or related experience in your first sentence. Try to be creative and grab the reader’s attention in the first paragraph.  For example: When I discovered the position of sales manager on name of job board, I wasted no time in applying,


  1. Do your skills match the job advertisement? The reader wants to know how your past experiences are relevant to the advertised job. In the second paragraph, you can write accomplishments, work ethics and how you demonstrate your soft skills. For example, how you solve problems or how your build relationships with customers. This section can be written in paragraph style or in point form as the purpose of the second section is to tell the reader how you can do the job without repeating what is stated on your resume.


  1. Why do you want to work for this company? The next part of your letter needs to address what you share with the employer, are your values like the company. Can you be committed to follow their mission, value statement and do you believe in what they are selling or doing? Also, mention why you are interested in working for this company which is more than just doing the job. Employers hire people who fit into their company culture, people who will contribute to the success of the company or able to solve a problem?


  1. When are you available to meet? In the last paragraph, it is important to again show your interest in meeting with the interviewer. Again, be different in your closing statement for example you may try this statement. A face to face interview would enable me to describe how I could meet and perhaps surpass your expectations. I have so much to offer to make a positive difference joining your team.

Cover letters need to be personal and express to the employer why you will be the “RITE” fit if hired, what you can bring to the table or what differentiates you from the competition. Remember your cover letter and resume are answering the question can you do the job? The result of a well-written letter and resume will be an invitation to an interview where you explain in detail how you do the job.

Mary Whitaker is a Career Coach at RITE Careers with 16 years’ experience. She has assisted many individuals from new university or college graduates to people in their 50’s in their career transition to find one’s career goals and career satisfaction.   If you need assistance with choosing a career path, resumes writing, job search or interview practice check out our website at

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