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Unwanted comments in your interview.

Recently, one of my clients with a Hispanic background informed me of a reoccurring comment he has received at his interviews when he has explained his work history which includes working in his Spanish speaking country of origin. He was abruptly interrupted when the...

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Mary Whitaker is the Female Entrepreneur of the Year

Rite Careers is pleased to announce that our founder, Mary Whitaker, has been awarded the Rise Asset Development “Female Entrepreneur of the Year” sponsored by Shoppers. With her educational background in psychology (BA), a social Service Worker Diploma, and...

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Job searching is like going thru the Corn Maze

In today’s market looking for a job can be complex, frustrating and confusing is you do not know the way to the end that results in a job offer. Long gone are the days when you can walk into a company fill out an application and get hired to start immediately. First,...

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