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I always hear Human Resources Managers speak that they are looking for the right fit for their needs. As a jobseeker, do you fit the company?

For anyone in career transition, you must make sure that your next employer is the rite fit for you. As a job seeker this fit reflects your values, your work ethics, and most importantly your beliefs.

If you do not believe in the value of the products or the services, how can you wholeheartedly contribute to the success of the company and be proud to be their employee.

Do you like where the company contributes to for charitable donations or their involvement in community activities.

What is the company’s philosophy on work- life balance? Is this important to you have sufficient time to spend with your family or do your outside hobbies?

What is the leadership style of their management and is this important to you?

Do you want autonomy in doing your job or do you like to be micromanaged?

What are the opportunities for internal growth promotions or internal training programs, so you can do your job better?

Are you given clear expectations of the job performance with the right corresponding salary to perform all the responsibilities?

Lastly, can you visualize staying with the company and enjoying the job?

Before you accept your next job, think about how these statements may affect you in your performance, your motivation to change positions and will the new position meet your career goals?

Mary Whitaker is a Career Coach at RITE Careers with 15 years experience. She has assisted many individuals from new university or college graduates to people in their 50’s in their career transition to find one’s career goals and career satisfaction.   If you need assistance with choosing a career path, resumes writing, job search or interview practice check out our website at