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Professional Career Services

Rite Careers offers professional career services for both the job seeker and the small business owner in finding the RITE fit for their employment needs.

For the job seeker, we offer coaching services while you transition to your next new job, whether it’s an internal promotion; with a new employer, or a brand new career. We help you with everything you need to be successful from choosing your career direction, writing your resume, tapping into the hidden job market to giving you feedback on your interview answers. We’re here along your career progression so you can secure the RITE position or your dream job to meet your career goals.

For the business owner, we realize the impact of bad hires and we want to help you with your hiring process. If you’re looking to expand your talent base, we can refer clients to you from our database, write a job description, job posting or interview questions. We help you understand the meaning of the interview answers so you can choose the RITE fit to meet your companys needs. For us, it’s about transferring our knowledge of the interview process to help you build your business by hiring the RITE candidate.

RITE step. RITE help. RITE now.