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Whether you're looking for a new job or a new hire, we have the RITE stuff!

Resume writing by Rite Careers


Resumes are the key to who you are, what you’ve done and what you can do. They need to highlight your experiences, qualifications and be targeted to each job posting.

Interview assessement and coaching with Rite Careers


During an interview, the interviewers are assessing your abilities on how well you can perform the job, will you fit into the company culture and will they like you.


As you enter a job search, whether you are a graduate or an individual looking for a different job, there are strategies that will help you succeed in a shorter period of time.

Career Evaluations at Rite Careers


Our Career Coach will administer a series of career tests to help you make decisions based on your personality, values, interests, abilities and work preferences.

Our Promise to our Clients

  1. Deliver genuine, personalized, individual career coaching services
  2. Influence our clients to be successful in their career transition or talent management
  3. Inspire our clients to describe or appreciate strengths and accomplishments in both verbal and written communication to find the right fit

For Job Seekers

RITE Careers offers career transition solutions such as targeted resumes, job search strategies and mock interviews so you are empowered to find the right job.

About our Career Transition Services

Our clients come from a variety of backgrounds looking for a change in their careers to meet their goals. From entry level positions to management, our personal meeting is tailored to fit you.

  • Career Choices
  • Job Applications
  • Government Posting
  • Mock Interviews
  • Post Graduate Personal Statements
  • New Graduate Packages
  • Linkedin Profiles
  • Job Changers

For Business Owners

RITE Careers offers talent management solutions by transferring our knowledge of the interview process so you can hire the right employee.

About our Business Career Services

Working with small business owners on their talent management to find and retain the right employee as your business grows and becomes more successful brings you peace of mind knowing you’re not alone.

  • Understand your company culture
  • Job criteria
  • Interview questions
  • Competencies & behavioural questions
  • Policies and Procedures
  • The right hire
  • Job loss services
  • Internal promotions

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